1. Name: The name of the group shall be the Friends of Forge Mill Needle (referred to as 'the Friends of the Museum')

2. Aim: To support the activities of the Forge Mill Needle Museum and Bordesley Abbey Visitor Centre (referred to as 'the Museum').

3. Objectives:  The Friends of the Museum will fulfil the aim by:

Supporting the staff in delivering activities and visitor tours in the museum.

Involving local people in the museum.

To raise funds and receive contributions where appropriate to finance the work of the museum.

To publicise and promote the work.

Open bank accounts.

Work with local groups and exchange information and advice with them.

Take any action that is lawful, which would help it to fulfil its aims.

4. Membership: Membership of the Friends of the Museum shall be open to anyone who is a current volunteer at the Museum and other supporters of the museum.

5. Management: The officers of the Friends of the Museum shall be:

Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary

6. Finance

 Any money obtained by the group shall be used only for the aims of the group.

Any bank accounts opened for the group shall be in the name of the group.

8. Meetings: The group will meet at any time deemed necessary by the members.

9. Annual General Meeting:

The Friends of the Museum shall hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM) at no more than 15 month intervals.

The business of the AGM shall include: Receiving a report from the Chairperson/Secretary of the group's activities over the year, receiving a report and presentation of the last financial year's accounts from the Treasurer on the finances of the group and electing a new Management Committee and considering any other matter as may be appropriate at such a meeting.