Friends of Forge Mill Needle Museum Supporting our Local Museum in Redditch


Friday 10th June to Sunday 3rd July 2016

In this event, artists Keith Ashford and Elizabeth Turner explored underlying threads that connect Forge Mill’s needle collection and its unique scouring mill to the medieval landscape of Bordesley Abbey and its environment using the mediums of sculpture, video and sound.

While not an immediate ‘showstopper’, it was well worth a visit and showed an intriguing combination of artworks using a combination of techniques to illustrate the theme.

Keith and Elizabeth  also created a number of artworks in the area including the ‘silver fishes’ on the Arrow between the five tunnels and Papermill Farm and there are also temporary artworks under the Parkway and Coventry fly-overs.

In addition, as part of the ‘Scour’ exhibition, the artists invited members of the public  to take part in in a range of art workshops, most of which were free.