Friends of Forge Mill Needle Museum Supporting our Local Museum in Redditch

With a limited number of paid staff, Forge Mill Museum relies on volunteers to help provide its range and quality of services.

Volunteers are invited to attend a Coffee Morning on the first Wednesday of every month where they are able to meet with staff and other volunteers in a social setting and find out what is going on at the museum.

We also have an annual trip to another museum to see how they work. This often allows us to see ‘behind the scenes’ of a museum.

If you want to know more about volunteering and how to become a volunteer, please contact Forge Mill Museum at:

Particularly on events days, when the site is visited by hundreds of people, the contribution of the Museum's volunteer workforce is invaluable.

Volunteers also assist with the Group Visits (providing refreshments and delivering tours), Children's Workshops and even costume making.

Volunteers can contribute as much or as little time as they can spare.

They can assist in the shop, supervise the gallery, train to give guided tours of the mill and Bordesley Abbey or simply assist at event days.

You choose, so there is no need to worry about being pushed into doing too much.

The Role of our Volunteers